Sunny seaside Scarbados

The accommodation layout

 Springhill, the accommodation, is located about 20 minutes brisk walk away (6 minute drive) from the hospital, and about 15 minutes walk from the town centre. It is in the same building as some of the NHS services (audiology) and surrounded by old-peoples’ homes.

The majority of the 3rd year and all of the 4th year students live in the main building, and a handful of students, usually girls, live in the annex.

All rooms have access to wireless internet in theory, but it can be extremely temperamental, and in some areas there’s no reception. Consider a dongle

Free parking is mainly on the road, as the on-site parking is reserved for NHS service customers Mon-Fri 9am-7pm.

There is a large Sainsburys in 10min walk away, and a large Tesco, Morrisons and M&S a bit further away.

The main building has 3 floors; the ground floor is occupied by the NHS, first floor by 3rd year students and the second floor by 4th year students. In the main building, 18 rooms are laid out along a long hallway, with four shared showers and two girls/two boys toilets scattered around. There are two kitchens shared between all of the students, and a common room with a working TV, sofas and a dining table. Most bedrooms have sinks, except four rooms.

The annex has two floors, majority of the bedrooms are on the ground floor and a couple on the first floor. There is one tiny kitchen between the seven girls living in the annex, and a “living room”, good only for when you have someone visiting. The common room has a large dining table and two large sofas.


The kitchen has a toaster, microwave, kettle and hopefully soon another fridge-freezer. Overall, the fridge and storage space is an issue, there are two fridge-freezers that are shared between the all annex students and some students from the main building (fridge situation there is even worse); and there isn’t much cupboard space either. There are three bathrooms and two separate toilets in the annex, two bathrooms have showers and the third one has a bathtub. Bedroom sizes vary across the building, you might be very lucky and get a really spacious room, or rather unlucky, and end up in a box-room. None of the rooms in the annex have wash basins.

When you move into Springhill, you pretty much need to bring everything. You need to bring your own bedding, and although some plates and cutlery and crockery are provided, most students bring their own. It is also a good idea to bring hangers and a desk lamp.

The cleaner comes and empties the bins, cleans the bathrooms and vacuums the communal areas on most days. There is a laundry room on the second floor with two or three washing machines, dryers, an iron and an ironing-board. All the washing machines are free of charge so that’s quite handy.

The internet has been a problem for a while although they promise to fix it. There is very temperamental and slow wireless access in the main building, however virtually no internet reaches the annex. We’ve been told that they are working on it, so there’s hoping!

Scarboroughbedroom1Your room

The room sizes vary quite a lot. Most rooms are fairly large and spacious. Each room contains a single bed, at least one desk, a chest of drawers, a wardrobe and a bedside table. The rooms are really warm in the wintertime, and some rooms even too warm due to the pipes running along the walls. The lighting is reasonable especially if you have a room on the sunny side of the building. There is a light in the ceiling and a desk lamp in each room, but the desk lamp in some rooms doesn’t work.

The environs

The accommodation is quite close to town centre, where majority of the bars/clubs are located. Since half of the Hull university campus is located in Scarborough there are quite a lot of students around, and Wednesday night is usually a student night. There are also some pubs in close proximity to the accommodation (3 mins) with weekly pub-quizzes.

There is a large Sainsburys only 10min walk away, and a large Tesco, Morrisons and M&S a bit further still. There are a few cute boutiques but their prices are usually out of a usual student’s range.

scarboroughaccommodationOtherwise, Scarborough is beautiful, especially in the early autumn and spring. The seafront offers a number of arcades, ice cream shops, and a fun fair. There is a lovely promenade and several cute parks that are brilliant for a walk/jog. Scarborough is also quite good for surfing.

 HYMS in Scarborough

HYMS is located in the post-graduate centre at the hospital, and is quite new and modern with a large computer room, PBL room, four smaller rooms for ADFs, a clinical ward and clinical skills lab. You can access it from early morning till 11 at night but need a code for out of hours. There is also a library in the post-graduate centre that has all the books you ever need, and the librarians are the loveliest people of all, incredibly helpful!