Huge hospitals, rare cases

Hull needs no introduction

The accommodation layout

 Students live in The Village, a medic-specific off-site accommodation on one of the main roads into and out of Hull, 15 minutes walk from the University. The Village is Hull’s student accommodation provided by the University. The Village itself is a secure compound located at 667 Beverly Road approximately 20-30 minutes away from the two teaching hospitals in Hull; Castle Hill and Hull Royal Infirmary.
Wired internet is available and an ethernet cable is provided

Ample keyfob-accessible parking is available and free

The Village is in easy reach of shops. 5 min walk down Beverley Road you’ll find a Sainsburys local, Lidl, and a plethora of takeaways and sandwicherias

The accommodation is provided for numerous healthcare staff as well as students, however placement of all HYMS students is usually done together in the same flat. The routes to and from the two hospital sites are unfortunately heavily dependent on traffic with peak times taking much longer, so plan ahead! This is especially true for Castle Hill sessions due to the long-standing road works and railway line that one must face. Whilst on the topic of automobiles, the site has a large secure free fenced car-park accessible using a key-fob provided that students receive along with their keys upon arrival. The site boasts several housing blocks with three floors each and eight bedrooms to each floor. Before discussing the lay-outs of the living accommodation it is worth noting the onsite laundry services, friendly caretakers and weekly church services which make the Village a comfortable and positive place to live. Accompanying the eight bedrooms, there is a ninth ‘study room’ and an open plan communal area and kitchen. Regarding hygiene facilities, each floor (essentially shared by 8 people) has 2 powerful showers to share with hot water continually all year round. Toilets, male and female, are again 2 per floor. The kitchens provide 2 large fridge freezers, adequate cupboard facilities for the 8 residents and two cookers (4 stoves/a grill and an oven each). All cutlery and pots/pans are supplied. For dining there is a four-seater table, however due to open plan nature of the room it was not uncommon for students to eat whilst watching TV on the sofas.

Your room

The rooms themselves come complete with single bed (no bed sheets are provided however the bed does have storage space below), desk (of workable size), desk lamp, 2 chairs, 1 wardrobe, 1 sink unit (again storage space below) and radio. Internet comes in LAN format (cables are provided) however if you would like wireless there is nothing to stop you from buying a small wireless router and connecting the LAN cable into that. As with most peripheral sites the internet is dependent on the time of day and relative number of users. All in all they are comfortable and secure, perfectly serving their purpose as student accommodation.

The environs

Along Beverley road towards Hull city centre there’s a Sainsburys Local, a Lidl, an HSBC branch and The Haworth pub. Turn right down Cottingham Road, towards the uni and you’ll pass a series of sandwich shops, takeaways, pubs, a Cartridge World (for printer ink) and eventually Newland Avenue. Newland Ave is a student’s blessing with a huge array of restaurants, coffee shops, butchers, fishmongers, greengrocers, a Tesco and Sainsburys, charity shops etc. The University of Hull is also only a 15 minute walk from The Village, along Inglemire Lane, which has all the usual suspects of student-targetted services and doesn’t need describing.

Princes Avenue, a 5 min taxi ride from The Village, has several of Hull’s most popular restaurants and bars, and is a short walk from Newland Ave.

HYMS in Hull

Loxley, the HYMS building you will know well from anatomy spotters, is on the far West side of the university site, is 24 hour access with many computers but needs the University of Hull card for access (without it you wont be able to open the front doors). The library is a quick walk from the HYMS building.

The admin staff for the blocks are based at both Castle Hill Hospital and Hull Royal Infirmary. In CHH they can be found on the first floor of the Daisy Building (entrance 2), along with the clinical skills room, computer lab and common room. The same services are available in the HYMS building over in HRI, but it’s a little trickier to find, hidden in the corner of the site behind the Women’s and Children’s hospital.