Student welfare

There when you need it

Although you will almost certainly remember medical school as one of the best times of your life, inevitably there are occasional hiccups and problems that you will face.

HYMS has a robust welfare support system available in the case that you find yourself in need to talk to someone, no matter what the subject is.

Gwen Irving

There is a strong student support network in HYMS and students are able to access the Student Support Services provided by the University wherever they are registered. In addition to the more formal support services, students are encouraged to use their PBL tutors for pastoral care. However, if students have any doubts about accessing support then they can contact Gwen Irving, manger of the Student Office, with any personal, health or welfare issues. If necessary she will involve one of HYMS Senior Advisors in the support process, or advise on which of the university services will be able to assist.

Students often hesitate about approaching a member of staff with problems (whatever their nature) – HYMS is keen to break down that culture and encourages students to be open about any problems that might affect their ability to engage fully with their studies, in the same way as a practising doctor would be expected to be open with colleagues.

Gwen is also the HYMS Disability Tutor and the link between HYMS and the Hull and York University Disability Services teams. If you have a declared or undeclared disability and want to discuss what support might be available, or its impact on your studies please make an appointment to see her.

Gwen’s contact details

Gwen Irving – HYMS Student Office Manager/Electives Facilitator

Office: 01482 464 025