Teddy Bear Hospital aims to promote health education in primary education within Yorkshire

About us

Teddy Bear Hospital is a student-led initiative that aims to introduce the role of healthcare professionals, health promotion and basic medical education to children. Through a series of interactive stations children are introduced to healthy eating, the role of the emergency services, hand hygiene, human anatomy and the ‘Teddy Bear Doctor’. The ultimate goal of Teddy Bear Hospital is to enable children to feel comfortable around doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Upcoming events


President – Lawrence Wright

Vice President – Katie Houldershaw

Secretary – Fi Babatunde

Treasurer – Derek Ng

Phase 2 rep – Katherine Halford

Student Liaison Officer (York) – James Parry-Reece

Schools Liaison Officer (York) – Imogen Rees

Community Groups Officer (York) – Georgia Galloway

Student Liaison Officer (Hull) – Melissa Chopra

Schools Liaison Officer (Hull) – Sarah Carr

Community Groups Officer (Hull) – Zoe Cox