Research is cool

There’s no better time to get involved than now

The sole purpose of the society is to serve as a conduit between students and research, enabling access to experience which may act as a platform to a career, a taster or simply, a CV boost. By organising research projects, workshops, journal clubs, lectures and key note speakers we aim to give student opportunities to develop skills and contacts within academic medicine.

It is never too early to start thinking about your future career, whether you intend it to be directly related to research or merely to gain experience, research is an avenue which will reap numerous rewards.

I literally love academia – Jason Mann, SRS President 2011-12

Throughout the academic year, there will be opportunities and events hosted to help bring HYMS students closer to medical research. Over the upcoming years, we aim to make undergraduate research in HYMS a significant aspect of your education where you can get involved and benefit from our services.

This is something which should appeal to all students at HYMS, whether interested in research, enhancing your CV or simply curious as to how research can help you, the society will help you incorporate undergraduate research into your degree.

Upcoming events


President – Nataliya Gerasimova

Committee members – Sean O’Donnell, Jonathan Byrom, Martha Nicholson