SKIP (Students for Kids International Projects) HYMS aims to improve the lives of children in Kibaha, Tanzania via sustainable interventions in health and education. We do this by working with a local NGO, MYODA, fundraising for them throughout the year and sending out volunteers to Kibaha to take part in our interventions every summer.

 About us

SKIP are Students for Kids International Projects and we’re a student-run society in HYMS that send groups of volunteers from HYMS to work in Tanzania during the summer. Students volunteer in nursery and secondary schools and to promote health education in the community.SKIP HYMS is a society with a committee working across both Hull and York (aswell as all the peripheral sites!) which is dedicated to improving the lives of children in the community of Kibaha in Tanzania, Africa. We do this by working with a Tanzanian NGO called Myoda, helping them to fund several interventions, including a nursery school and HIV community awareness seminars. Every year we send out a group of volunteers to Kibaha to help run the interventions.

We also run fundraisers throughout the year, with all money going directly to helping the community of Kibaha- these include bag packs, bar crawls, street collections, cake sales, 10K runs and the legendary SKIP soundclash! Ultimately we want to raise enough money to build a permanent school in the Kibaha region.

Our committee meets every fortnight and we work hard to ensure that our project in Tanzania is a success, as well as making sure all our volunteers are well looked after and trained for the summer project. Excitingy, this year will be the first that we will be recruiting our summer volunteers university-wide, not just from the medical school.

So if you’re interested in being a SKIP volunteer summer 2016 or if you just fancy helping us raise a bit more money for a fantastic cause please do  in touch.

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