Hull York Medical School Pre-hospital Care Programme (HYMS PCP) aims to expose students to pre-hospital care and the possibilities within this specialty by offering a variety of events and ways to get involved.

Monthly academic forums are held in both Hull and York and are run by consultants, experts in the emergency care or occasional senior students presenting case studies. These sessions can be lecture-based, interactive or practical.

HeartStart scheme allows students to gain qualifications and teach Basic Life Support (BLS) within the community, as well as run refresher BLS sessions to help out Phase I students with their exams.

Two responder schemes – Community First Responder (CFR) for 1st and 2nd years and Lincolnshire Integrated Voluntary Emergency Service (LIVES) for the upper years provide a great opportunity to serve the public, get additional practical training and obtain experience in the pre-hospital setting by attending medical emergencies within their respective area.

PCP also offers support and guidance to those interested in joining the military, as well as can help with commission during the undergraduate study.

Joining the programme requires the students to take part in all aspects of it as the entry is competitive and the demand is high.

Other events run by the programme include volunteering for London Marathon to provide first aid and sports massage for charities, running a RAG (raising and giving) week 48-hour CPR marathon, as well as the annual National Pre-hospital Care Conference, which is going to be hosted by HYMS in January 2014.


 Programme Lead –  Sarah Eccles

Programme Secretary – Lizzie Emo

Responding team

Responder Coordinator alongside with the team leaders in all sites work together to ensure responding schemes are run effectively, communicate with the responders and organize recruitment.

  • Responder Coordinator – Tom Rayne
  • Responder Team Leader Hull – Jordan Green 
  • Responder Team Leader York – Chris Marsden

Academic team

Academic Lead and the rest of the academic team are responsible for organising regular academic forums, and come up with ideas for further academic and research opportunities.

  • Academic Lead – Sam Gribben
  • Academic Forum Coordinator – Danielle Hill

Heartstart team

HeartStart team runs teaching sessions to train medical students as HeartStart trainers and then help them organize teaching sessions within in the community.

  • HeartStart Lead – Sarah Eccles

Military Medicine

  • Liaison Officer – Ethne Grey Still

Chair of Programme Development/Co-Founder

Programme Development is a part of the programme devoted to introducing new ideas
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