Medsin-UK’s mission is “To create a network of students empowered to effect tangible social and political change in health on a local, national and global level through education, advocacy and community action”. Medsin HYMS aims to be a successful branch of Medsin-UK where members can be educated about issues of global health while also taking action at a local level. Medsin HYMS will be engaged in activities such as hosting talks, discussions, and fund raisers pertaining to current healthcare matters.

 About us

We are a relatively young society as the academic year 2013-14 will be our second year running! Over the past few months we have fundraised for World AIDS Day, are working on setting up a bilateral clinical exchange at HYMS, and send delegates to Medsin-UK's conferences and General Assemblies. Other events such as screenings and lecture evenings (involving free refreshments!) are also planned. In addition, we also advertise opportunities made available by Medsin-UK whether at a national or international level. We are always looking for new and enthusiastic people to join our society and committee and possibly get the society going over in Hull!

Upcoming events