• To offer a range of skills, knowledge and insights into healthcare systems and management in healthcare organisations which will inspire members to be better leaders in the future.
  • To equip medical students with the knowledge and skills to innovate patient care and improve healthcare delivery.
  • The chance to develop MLM experiences and take part in leadership and management opportunities: electives, intercalations, SSCs, projects.
  • HYMS Medical Leadership and Management Society is affiliated with the Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management (FMLM), a professional organization which promotes the advancement of medical leadership, management and quality improvement at all stages of the medical career for the benefit of patients.



President – Emmily Nonas
Vice President – Ali Boyd
Secretary – Elizabeth O’Connell
Treasurer – Bex Walker
Events Coordinator – Adam O’Mara
FMLM Rep – Hiba Khan
2 York Coordinators