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We provide support to medical students at HYMS for their chosen elective program and/or intercalated degree

HYMS Intercalated degree

The Hull Medical Society is pleased to announce the establishment of two bursaries, to the value of £500, to assist students of the Hull York Medical School who intend studying for an intercalated degree in the academic year 2012-13.

Applications will be welcomed from students presently in Years 2 and 4 of the MB BS course, and the bursaries shall be available to support programmes at recognised University Departments both at HYMS and elsewhere.

It is anticipated that the awards will be made during the Autumn term, and the Society will ask that a brief presentation is made at a meeting of the HMS (in Jan 2013).

The closing date for submissions will be Friday 15th JUNE 2012, and we ask that these be made by email to Dr J Smithson (

HYMS Elective Program

Hull Medial Society (HMS) is pleased to announce the provision of up to three bursaries, each to the value of £500, to support students of the Hull York Medical School (HYMS) undertaking elective study in the academic year 2012-13. Application for the bursary should be made on one side of a A4 paper and include some or all of the following criteria against which it will be judged:
– an itinerary
– the clinical setting
– learning objectives for personal and professional development
– scientific content
– humanitarian content
– added value for knowledge acquisition compared with the rest of the HYMS curriculum
APPLICATION MUST BE SENT BY Friday 15th JUNE 2012 to the e-mail address given below.
Applications will be judged by a panel of members of HMS and HYMS staff. The panel decision will be final and if applications are of insufficient quality, no award will be made. Recipients of an award will present their experiences to a meeting of the HMS (in Jan 2013) and, at the time of this communication, a certificate will be presented to mark the award of the bursary. Please e-mail your application to Dr J Smithson (


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