MedSoc Committee


The main aim of Hull MedSoc is to represent the Medical School, its students and members based at the University of Hull in collaboration with our sister society, York MedSoc. Further objectives include:

  • To organise at least 2 socials and 1 academic event a term
  • Plan, organise and execute a HYMS Fresher’s week
  • To organise a Winter ball each year (York to organise the Summer ball)
  • To act as guardian to the numerous sub committees attached to MedSoc


 About us

Hull MedSoc is the overarching organisation for all Hull based HYMS student societies and is dedicated to delivering both social and academic events throughout the year. Furthermore, Hull

Medsoc act as a point of contact between HYMS students, HYMS staff and Hull University Union. Within the University, Hull MedSoc regularly involve themselves in charitable activities such as RAG week, thus becoming one of the largest and most active societies at Hull University Union (HUU).

During the academic year, Hull MedSoc organise many events including but not limited to: The annual Winter Ball, Mystery Tour, an event-packed Fresher’s Week and academic talks such as those delivered my members of the Hull Medical Society.


The executive committee of Hull MedSoc is composed of five, 2nd year students who have been elected into the committee by fellow students at HYMS. Along with five 1st year committee members, the executive committee hold regular meetings to organise events and to discuss any student related issues.

 Executive Committee

Tilly President Matilda Barnes-Harris- President
Matilda is the President of Hull MedSoc and oversees all MedSoc related activity on the Hull campus. She works with the rest of the Hull committee to organise regular events and also works alongside the York MedSoc President to ensure that MedSoc are in line with all rules and regulations set by HYMS. Matilda enjoys playing lots of sports, she is a member of HYMS Netball and Rugby teams.

Danny VP Daniel Ming- Vice President

Daniel is the 2016/2017 Hull MedSoc Vice President. Whilst aiding the committee to organise events, Daniel directly assists Matilda with running the committee.

Alexandra Sectretary Alexandra Hickey- Secretary

Alexandra is the 2016/2017 Hull MedSoc secretary and is in charge of all administrative related work. Whilst taking Medsoc meeting minutes, Alexandra works closely with the rest of the MedSoc team to organise major events such as the Winter Ball.

Faye Treasurer Faye Leggott- Treasurer
Faye is the 2016/2017 treasurer for Hull MedSoc and is in charge of all finances for Hull MedSoc. She helps to organise major MedSoc events throughout the year and makes sure that all events are correctly risk assessed.

Oscar Social Secretary Oscar Redman- Social Secretary
Oscar is the the Hull MedSoc Social Secretary for 2016/2017. Oscar organises both social and academic events throughout the year, ensuring that there is something for everyone at HYMS.