York MedSoc

York Medsoc 2014 Committee


  • To represent the medical students and other members based at the University of York in collaboration with our sister society, HYMS Hull MedSoc.
  • To organise both large and small-scale socials, including the HYMS Summer Ball, as well as academic events.
  • To organise the HYMS Fresher's week, and have a welfare role especially in their first few weeks.
  • To act as ambassadors for the medical school and to promote its interests at local, national, and international events.

About us

The Medical Society is the governing body for all extra-curricular events at the HYMS in York. From social events like punch parties, Freshers' week, and the grand Summer Ball to academic talks from renowned speakers, MedSoc events are organised by students for students and run all year round. As well as organising events, MedSoc members sit on a range of councils and meetings to represent students at the highest levels in HYMS. This is an important function of MedSoc, and one that is not apparent to many outside the committee, as it delivers student input into major decisions affecting the curriculum and course structure. And the input is much more than just a formality or some GMC requirement- students have enacted real changes to the course structure! The committee itself consists of second year students and elections take place at the end of every academic year. Meetings are weekly and upcoming events are organised and student issues are discussed. Student welfare is another major responsibility of MedSoc. With a dedicated welfare officer, MedSoc can often be the firsts point of contact for students having difficulty adjusting to life at university or away from home. This is an especially important role during Freshers' week. So remember MedSoc is there to help! If you have any questions or issues about anything at all, be sure to contact your MedSoc.

Upcoming events

    York MedSoc Fresher's 14