Who are we?

Very broadly, we aim to represent the student body and make HYMS and our medical school experience the best that it can be.

What can we do for you?

Your student representatives are here to listen to your ideas, issues and concerns, discuss them and find a way forward, be that by simple advise and information or actively dealing with a problem.

We work closely with staff both in and out of meetings, and sit on the ‘Student-Staff Committee’ (S-SC), which meets quarterly giving us an opportunity to raise and discuss student issues with staff, and staff the chance to raise things and get a student perspective. We also sit on other committees at HYMS where we aim to ensure that all changes made have students best interests at heart and that when student issues arise they are dealt with appropriately.

Central to all of this is good communication in all directions, so you have to let us know when issues arise and we must be as approachable as possible to facilitate this. On the other hand, we must keep you in the loop (and make sure that HYMS staff and departments do) so if you ever feel that this isn’t the case, please don’t be afraid to let us know!

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Representatives

Year 1

  • York – Kahe Dean
  • York –  Roshina Iqbal

Year 2

  • Hull – Emmily Nonas
  • Hull – Shabeen Ahmad
  • York – Prabhjat Malhdra


Year 3

  • Nandi Mnyama

Year 4 

  • Joe Vernon
  • Amy Szuman
  • Laura Cuncliffe
  • Suzanne Herron
  • Oladunni Adeleye
  • Layth Hendrow
  • Sarah Taylor

Year 5

  • Charlotte Thompson
  • Edward Miller
  • Aliza Imam
  • Sameet Goran
  • Manija Rashid
  • Andrew Ghobrial
  • Christopher Goode
  • Andrew Thompson
  • Sinead McKiernon