MedSoc Logo (Faces)

At HYMS we have two Medical Societies; one at the University of Hull and the other at the University of York

HYMS MedSoc was started as the umbrella society under which all of the student medical societies are run. Over the years, HYMS MedSoc has continually developed on both campuses and is now one of the largest societies at each respective university union. As well as organising events, MedSoc members sit on a range of councils and meetings to represent students at the highest levels in HYMS. This is an important function of MedSoc, and one that is not apparent to many outside the committee, as it delivers student input into major decisions affecting the curriculum and course structure. And the input is much more than just a formality or some GMC requirement- students have enacted real changes to the course structure!

Here you can find all the information you might want relating to the committees, societies, and sports in which HYMS students participate or run. If you’re struggling to find the content you’re looking for, either get in contact with us directly (our email is in the footer) or with the specific sport or society that you’re interested in (their contact details should be on the page). Details of our society events and team matches are regularly updated and made available on both respective MedSoc branch pages.